How To: Make a Poster for a Yard Sale
People will be hitting the brakes once they see your poster!

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Yard sales are a good time to get rid of the clutter in your house while making a few bucks, but to have a successful sale, you need to spread the word first and let people know.

There is no better way to advertise than making a small poster for the event.

This guide and its tips are for all the people out there who need to make a poster for a yard sale – we’re looking at you!

Printing in color will cost more, so be careful if you are on a budget. With the right design and attaching the poster in strategic locations, black and white may work just as well. However, color is immediately attractive to people.

If you go with color, make the poster bright and colorful to be really eye-catching.

How to Make a Poster for a Yard Sale 1

The poster for this event doesn’t need to be very big. A small poster has the advantage that it will be less expensive to produce. It’s better to invest on printing a few more copies than on making a very large poster.

A poster sized 11 inches by 17 inches will work quite well.

How to Make a Poster for a Yard Sale 2

A simple artwork will add to the poster and create interest, so you don’t need to be heavy or fancy with graphics.

You could also create a poster entirely with type and no artwork at all. In this case, give the poster a pleasant look by using attractive font combinations and colors.

How to Make a Poster for a Yard Sale 3

Since this is a yard sale, you only have to write a few essential details on the poster. The place and time of the sale should be there and written clearly.

All the rest — contacts, the type of items you are selling and so on — is an extra and it’s up to you to include it.

How to Make a Poster for a Yard Sale 4

The poster should be visible at a distance even by distracted passersby, so you must provide good contrast between background and foreground elements.

Use color, size and placement to your advantage. Make the prominent elements bold in color, big in size and space them adequately.

How to Make a Poster for a Yard Sale 5

Now you only need to leave your poster where it will be noticed. Good luck with your sale!

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