How To: Make a Real Estate Brochure
Make a real estatement with a high-quality, professional brochure.

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How can real estate cagents win new clients? Brochures are both a convenient display for property and a great opportunity to illustrate company vision.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to design a brochure for a real estate agent or business.

Designing a brochure is a matter of careful planning, and it is best to brainstorm your ideas without committing too much time to a particular one. With pencil and paper, you can start your project by sketching a general scheme for the brochure.

Imagine the possible layouts and fold possibilities for your pages and feel free to make as many versions as you want.

TIP: Making a scheme on paper is recommended but not necessary. You also can do this directly through your favorite design software. However, making sketches and visualizing your idea on paper will make your designing easier and faster.

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For a traditional brochure, start by creating a new document sized 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Select the orientation as landscape, and set the number of pages and columns to two.

Deselect the facing page option. One page will be the front and the other will be the back of the document, while each column will define one of the faces of the brochure, both for front and rear.

TIP: I recommend adding 0.125-inch bleeds to the brochure, especially if you have graphics that extend to the border of the document.

How To: Make a Real Estate Brochure - 2

The various faces of the brochure can display different content, images and ideas. Leave the front for the cover, which will contain a photo, a tagline or a motto and the name of your agency or business.

The inner faces will hold your actual content. The back can show additional details, such as contacts, a map with directions, a brief overview of yourself and company, as well as other useful information.

With the shape tools, prepare the various areas of the brochure as you have defined them in your preliminary sketches. Start to chose large elements, such as text field placements and background colors.

TIP: Keep your end design in mind, but be flexible and make changes to your original scheme as you work on the brochure. Feel free to get creative in your spacing, placements and shapes.

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I recommend using your own images if possible. Brochures are a perfect medium to showcase your properties, and you can mix your photos with stock graphics to create something polished.

For the cover, choose a captivating picture and add your business’ logo. Always choose photos that represent your business accurately and that align with the quality you want your clients to perceive.

TIP: Colorful high-quality images will have a strong impact on readers. With the place command, add the images into the frames you defined when preparing the layout.

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You can fill the remaining spaces with your text, which you can keep ready in a separate file. Make the text in the brochure brief yet relevant and natural.

Take the time to select the most appropriate words and make sure to double-check your spelling and grammar!

TIP: Use fonts and colors that are easy on the eye and break the text into paragraphs and lists to make it comfortable to read. Don’t forget to include essential contact details, such as your address, phone numbers, email and website.

How To: Make a Real Estate Brochure - 5

In real estate, impressing with reliability and professionalism is crucial to win the confidence of clients.

Your brochure can appeal to your potential clients, as well as be a perfect introduction to your services, and will help lead you to what really matters most: closing the sale.

Edited in InDesign CC. Photo source: Ivan Prole, Georgio, Eirian-stock, Michael & Christa Richert, Perfect Home Pictures,

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