How To: Make Scrapbooking Stickers
Your scrapbook looks empty. What it needs is a handmade sticker!

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Stickers are usually a staple in the rich arsenals of scrapbookers. There are thousands of stickers available for scrapbooking, but even with all this choice, sometimes the most experienced scrapbookers can’t find the best ones for their projects.

Making a sticker — or a set of stickers — to use in a scrapbooking project is relatively simple. If you want to know more, go ahead and read our tips.

The easiest way to make a sticker for scrapbooking is turning a picture into one. You can create stickers from anything. Old illustrated books, magazines and postcards are some of the best resources.

You just need scissors to cut out the desired picture and glue to attach it. If you don’t have the right materials at home, you can ask family and friends (everybody has a little something you can recycle) or visit second-hand bookshops and junk dealers.

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An alternative is to scan the pages of your books and magazines instead of cutting them. Scan at a resolution of 300 and up, and then open the scanned file in an image editor for color correction.

Finally, print the result. This is particularly convenient if you want to use the same picture for multiple stickers.

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If you can’t find the right pictures, you will probably have better luck downloading them from the Web. The Internet is full of images for your projects, free and paid. Just make sure the copyrights owner allows scrapbooking use (some don’t).

For suggestions, you should join a scrapbooking community. Many expert scrapbookers are eager to share information and will tell you where on the Web you can find pictures.

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If you still can’t find the images you are looking for, you should make your own. In an image editing program, you can draw the subject you like and apply colors and effects.

If you’re more comfortable with it, you can draw on paper and scan the result to color it on the computer.


The common way to print stickers is to use adhesive paper compatible with inkjet printers. Check the specs because not all papers work with all printers!

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting paper, you can print on your desired paper, cut out the pictures and use your usual scrapbooking glue instead.

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Custom stickers for scrapbooking will bring a touch of added originality to your projects. Also, looking for pictures and making the stickers will be more fun than simply buying them.

Images courtesy of, Sue Clark and Jelene Morris.

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