How To: Make Stickers for Cars
Your stickers will be flying off the paper and onto your car!

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Let’s be honest, every car sticker starts to look the same after a while. Yes, there are some very creative car stickers out there, but it’s very hard to create one that stands out – until now.

You can be unique by making your own stickers, and I’m going to show you how.

For this project, you won’t need a whole lot of stuff. Check this list for items you’ll need:

  • Image editor of your choice
  • Inkjet printer and inks
  • Inkjet adhesive paper compatible with your printer
  • Clear laminate to make the stickers shiny and resistant
  • Trimmer, knife or scissors
  • A car!

The sticker paper and clear laminate are available at your local office suppliers or online.

How to Make Stickers for Cars 1

Sizing is not crucial, but making the sticker consistent with the standard will help you, especially if you’re a beginner. Usually this type of sticker is sized 11 inches by 3 inches or 10 inches by three inches.

You can create a document with these measurements if you plan to print online (see step five) or make a larger document for printing more stickers at home (see step four).

How to Make Stickers for Cars 2

You can make sketches before moving to the computer or work directly in your image editor. Put your creativity at work, but if you need ideas, don’t be ashamed to look around for inspiration.

Choose a funny, witty, striking motto or quote that represents you well.

Use good-looking fonts and add colorful images if you want, but make sure there will be good contrast between your background and foreground. You want the stickers to be visible from afar.

How to Make Stickers for Cars 3

Printing at home will be the easiest option if you have the materials listed in step one. Test on plain paper before using the adhesive sheets and check to see if there are problems (color off, low print quality, etc.).

Feed the adhesive inkjet paper into your printer. When the printing is done, lay the sheet flat on an even surface, facing up. Use the clear laminate to cover the sheet of stickers entirely, being careful not to let air bubbles form between the two layers.

Finally, cut out the stickers and have fun with them.

How to Make Stickers for Cars 4

The other option is to print and order your stickers online. Once you have your final sticker file, go to the site of your preference and upload it. Follow the instructions carefully.

When the sticker is ready, you can place your order and wait for the service to fulfill it. Delivery takes a few days, depending on your location.

How to Make Stickers for Cars 5

If you want to make the best car stickers, create ones that are perfect for your personality and your car. Once you have all you need for this project, creating your personalized car sticker will be a breeze!

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