How To: Make a Text-Only Postcard
Don't go with an ordinary postcard - make one that's text-only!

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Postcards don’t need attractive images in order to be interesting. Text-only postcards can be just as visually stimulating. This tutorial gives you some basic insight into how to make postcard (with just text!) in a just few steps.

Launch the image editor of your choice. In this tutorial, I’m am using Photoshop, but you can choose an alternative.

Create a new document sized 4 inches by 6 inches, with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch and a horizontal orientation. Choose a name for the document and hit OK.


Even if the postcard only has text, it will need a background. In this example, I chose a gradient background, but you can use patterns, textures or a simple flat color instead. It all depends on the style you want.

You can make a gradient background using the gradient tool in your image editor or by using an image you like. Import the background into your postcard document, and use the transform tools to adjust its size and placement.


Start by selecting a font you like. Use one to three different fonts to make the text visually appealing. Quotes work well on postcards, but you also can write your own message. Keep the text brief, and check the alignment and spacing between all of the letters and lines so the text is readable.


Color is another important aspect of your postcard. If you are using a colored background, blend it with the color of your font. When in doubt, start with basic colors like black and white.

Create enough contrast to make the text easy to decipher and use other effects – such as changing layer mode and opacity, adding drop shadows, glows, 3D styles – to enhance your text without taking anything away from its readability.


Create another document for the back of the postcard with the same specifications as the front. Draw a vertical line with a one to two pixel weight to separate the address area from the rest of the postcard, and place it slightly off center.

Draw four horizontal lines for the address, space them evenly and place them on the right half of the back.


When a postcard only has text, it has to be interesting to read (and being visually striking doesn’t hurt.) Take the time to select or write your text carefully to convey your message. Don’t forget to double-check your spelling before printing the postcard yourself or sending it to an online printer!

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