How To: Make an Ugly Christmas T-shirt
Christmas is all about giving and sharing, but it's also about ugly Christmas T-shirts!

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Ugly sweaters are a huge festive phenomenon and they fully deserve their popularity. But what about ugly T-shirts? Why can’t we wear one of those at Christmas?

After all, sweaters aren’t mandatory, especially if you live in Florida.

If you want to make a T-shirt that is hideous and memorable, all you have to do is use your eyes to read the guide below.

If you’re trying to make an ugly T-shirt for the holidays, you may want to look at ugly T-shirts and sweaters of Christmas past, including the one below.

See the flashy pom-poms and Rudolph’s smiling face? Be honest, would you wear that? No? Well, that’s the point.

You want to recreate that unmistakable “I’d never wear this” feeling for your T-shirt.

How to Make an Ugly Christmas T-shirt 1

The quest for the ultimate ugly T-shirt starts with selecting the right tee.

If you’re unsure about what constitutes the ideal material for an ugly T-shirt, stick to colors you would never wear under normal circumstances. Bright canary yellow or reddish coral pink? Yes, please.

How to Make an Ugly Christmas T-shirt 2

Here are some examples of graphics you might want to use: weird reindeer, crooked snowmen, overblown snowflakes, cartoony Santas, strangely shaped candy canes, cats with fluffy berets…the list goes on and on!

Any tacky image or something your grandmother would love is perfect for an ugly tee.

How to Make an Ugly Christmas T-shirt 3

Having the ugliest Christmas graphics is not enough. You also need bad Christmasy colors. The cliche red, white and green will provide you with plenty of room to experiment. And if you want to throw in some blue, feel free to do it.

Don’t try to make a coherent color scheme. You want to create an ugly T-shirt, not a designer one.

How to Make an Ugly Christmas T-shirt 4

Is your T-shirt ugly enough already? Then don’t try to make it worse.

This may sound counterintuitive, but if you try too hard, you may actually end up with a good T-shirt, and you don’t want that to happen.

How to Make an Ugly Christmas T-shirt 5

Now that you’ve created your ugly Christmas T-shirt, can you look at it without being blinded? No? Good!

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  1. haha, that pink one is hideous! would win a contest

  2. lol I love ugly Christmas stuff. really becoming a trend in itself nowadays

  3. Harold Fishman (

    I agree! Maybe a tie-dye shirt would give it a run for its money though.

  4. Harold Fishman (

    You are very right. I think even stores I selling pre-made ugly shirts and sweaters. Crazy!