Meet Tiny Prints: The Trendiest Greeting Cards on the Market
Combining savvy trends with fresh designs, Tiny Prints creates memorable cards and invitations.

Lindsey Carman

The Lowdown: Tiny Prints offers the latest trends in innovative, personalized greeting cards, stationery and home decor gifts for design-savvy customers.

At Tiny Prints, it’s all about the details. From the runways to what’s going on out on the streets, Tiny Prints draws inspiration from the latest trends.

In order to provide customers with the best cards and invitations, expert designers work closely with merchants to identify what’s in style and how the printing business can improve their designs.

From the runways to Tiny Prints' card collection

From the runways to Tiny Prints’ card collection

“Our customers seek us to shop fresh designs with the latest trends,” said Meg Bohnert, Tiny Prints’ senior trends expert. “What sets us apart from other printing companies is our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.”

Creating the customer’s dream invitation or card is Tiny Prints’ goal. Although the printing business has undergone change the past couple of years, such as incorporating new printing techniques and designs, Tiny Prints’ quality and customer satisfaction has remained the same.

From a Small Company to a Big Leap

Founded by three friends, Laura, Ed and Kelly, in March 2004, Tiny Prints’ mission was to create beautiful birth announcements. Once the small, self-funded company found its niche in the online greeting cards market, Shutterfly acquired the business just seven years later.

Tiny Prints expanded its product selection and now offers invitations, greeting cards, monogrammed home decor, as well as announcements.

From a Small Company to a Big Leap

Tiny Prints, once a self-funded company, is now owned by Shutterfly.

“Tiny Prints is the leading premium provider of cards & stationery, home décor and gifts,” Bohnert said. “We make it easy for customers to transform life’s stories into lasting impressions.”

Now collaborating with designers across the country, Tiny Prints works with “the best of the best.” The team is constantly taking in new ideas from different places, making their designs fresh and trendy.

If It’s a Trend, then It’s a Card

Apart from stylish designs, Tiny Prints offers the latest innovative techniques.

Even though the company was founded on a digital printing process, the printing company now offers other printing options, such as letterpress, foil stamp and laser printing, and makes every imagined design possible. (And they offer off-site printing, too, if it can’t be done in-house.)

“We are unique to every other competitor out there,” Bohnert said. “We really work to make sure the customer’s photo and design are optimal. They go hand-in-hand.”

If It'a a Trend, Then It's a Card

Even holiday cards receive a fresh new design instead of the typical red and green.

Unlike other printing businesses, Tiny Prints is always looking to add new assortments, tweak printing designs and optimize their products. From old-school printing processes to the most innovative techniques, the online printing business allows customers to create any type of card they wish to make.

A Team Effort

What sets Tiny Prints apart from other printing businesses is their collaboration with customers.

Meg Bohnert, a senior trends expert at Tiny Prints

Meg Bohnert, a senior trends expert at Tiny Prints

In order to create the most perfect customized card, customers can work with designers to make adjustments or polish off products. Most companies don’t offer this feature.

“Customers have the unique opportunity to work with our internal Designer Review Service,” Bohnert said. “It’s a premium service we offer our customers that we don’t talk about enough.”

With a collaborative team filled with marketers, business advocates, engineers and designers, Tiny Prints curates each card and invitation collection with the customer in mind.

The Sky’s the Limit

From baby announcements to stylish cards, Tiny Prints has it all. With an array of printing techniques and designs, the printing company continues to produce beautiful and timeless cards. If a card can be dreamed up, then Tiny Prints can make it happen.

The Sky's the Limit

Check out Tiny Prints’ website for more details.

“We’re here to help,” Bohnert said. “We want everybody to create the most beautiful card for their family.”

For more information on Tiny Prints, visit their website at

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