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PaperCut is the best print management tool for cutting the cost of printing.

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It all started with an observation and an idea.

While working at his father’s school, PaperCut co-founder Chris Dance noticed a startling yet common occurrence. Students were always printing, but a large amount of those prints were left untouched and thrown away after sitting at the printer for days.

PaperCut Co-Founder, Chris Dance

PaperCut Co-Founder, Chris Dance

Insert the big idea: Why not write a small piece of software that would double-check the print command to make sure the user actually wanted to print?

That big idea turned into an even bigger opportunity, and PaperCut was born. Today PaperCut’s innovative print management systems are changing the way schools, businesses, universities and organizations print paper all around the globe.

“Chris teamed up with co-founder Matt Doran and created a simple solution that was aimed at changing the behavior of people who unwisely use printers,” said Julie Walker, head of PaperCut global sales and marketing. “They were never trying to change the world, but once the software was implemented, it became extremely popular.”

Saving major money and resources

So what exactly is “print management software,” and what does it actually offer? The abilities and benefits of utilizing PaperCut’s software can be broken down into four main benefits.

  1. Print Tracking: PaperCut’s technology can monitor every single piece of paper printed in an organization. This ability allows for system administrators to see who printed what, when and where.
  2. Cost Reduction: PaperCut’s systems can help reduce printing costs by putting policies in place to make sure users only print when matching a set of criteria (i.e. only black and white, only double-sided, etc.) Double-check windows and “release at the printer” features also can be implemented, which will withhold print jobs until the user is at the printer, not when the user selects “print.”
  3. Waste Reduction: PaperCut’s software has the ability to detect irregularities in the printing process, which helps users avoid accidental, duplicate and unnecessary printing, thus saving large amounts of otherwise wasted resources.
  4. Document Security: Printing a sensitive document like salary or HR information? PaperCut’s systems can allow system admins to add those print jobs to a queue, and they can only be released once the admin is physically at the printer. In addition, the software also can add custom watermarks or other notations to specific documents automatically.

“We see that there is an absolute benefit to helping businesses reduce time, resources and costs,” Walker said. “And usually when a business saves money, that money goes right back into helping them continue to grow and succeed. We do everything we can to make that happen.”

PaperCut's management software tracks the amount, frequency and location of all printed materials.

PaperCut’s management software tracks the amount, frequency and location of all printed materials.

The information gained and money saved is truly astounding. Walker described one example of a company taking advantage of PaperCut’s 40-day free trial (offered to all organizations interested in giving it a try). Right after installation, they noticed an outside contractor was coming in every week to print more than 1,400 double-sided, full color pages for their personal business.

“The money they saved by eliminating that problem was enough to cover the costs of the software a couple times over,” Walker said.

Cutting up the competition

Although they are one of the most popular print management solutions, PaperCut is not the only player in the game. The industry not only sees competition between similar print management companies but also with print management solutions offered by printer manufacturers themselves.

“In some parts of the world the manufacturers attempt to lock in companies to their systems and machines,” Walker said. “That is cost effective for many customers, but for some it’s not practical. We support customers choice in their printing provider.”

PaperCut’s software will work on any device from almost any manufacturer, as well as any operating system. They are currently the only print management company that has that ability.

Unlike other print management software, PaperCut can be installed on any device.

Organizations have noticed the difference. After originally launching in 1998, the online download became hugely popular. PaperCut’s free PrintLogger utility is used by more than 800,000 users worldwide, and today PaperCut is used by more than 50,000 businesses, schools and organizations and just recently passed the 54 million user mark.

Customers love it

“The love we get from clients is incredible and overwhelming sometimes,” Walker said. “We get customers that make us videos to tell us how great the software is. We even had one write us a song, and others have written us poems.”

What accounts for all the praise and success? Not only are PaperCut’s products second to none, their customer service is a top priority.

The company takes great pride in offering global support for their world-wide client base, generous free trial periods and even free accounts for organizations with less than five people. They also are frequently pushing new updates and adding new features and are always transparent with current bugs or issues that are being fixed.

PaperCut has been changing the way organizations print since 1998.

PaperCut is easily the best solution we have seen for businesses and organization interested in optimizing their printing processes.

“It all started out with two guys who geeked out at the opportunity of helping people stop printing stuff they don’t need,” Walker said. “And PaperCut has been making that possible ever since.”

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  1. Love PaperCut! I have been selling and supporting various print management solutions for years, and PaperCut is a breath of fresh air. The constant R&D, responsive support, and really, really functional and reliable software make working with this company a pleasure.