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Plato Web Design is a dedicated team that helps small businesses with web design and development, SEO marketing, viral ads, and social media management.

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Designing a website requires planning and a killer web designer. If your newly launched site isn’t innovative or marketable, then your chances of success diminish.

But that’s where Plato Web Design comes into play. With years of experience in web design and development, this company makes sure your startup or existing business is successful.

This dedicated web design team not only creates impeccable websites, but Plato also helps you launch your business and make you stand out from competitors.

A Heart for Design

Casey Ark, the founder of Plato Web Design

Casey Ark, the founder of Plato Web Design

Since he was a kid, Casey Ark has always loved web design. However, he noticed some websites for small businesses were “flat white boxes” that missed out on so much potential.

“It was pretty much a mundane thing,” said Casey Ark, the founder of Plato Web Design.

Ark wanted to bring innovative web designs to small businesses and help them compete with big-name companies, so he launched Plato Web Design in late 2008 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He’s been helping clients succeed on the web ever since.

“I thought the future is going to be this ‘wow’ factor,” Ark said.

From a Flat White Box to an Incredible Experience

In order to have a great website, it’s all about the web design. Customers look for an appealing and accessible factor on businesses’ websites, so that’s what Plato Web Design does for its clients.

“I wanted to bring some kind of design to small businesses,” Ark said. “For some websites, it’s really exciting to be on the website.”

This is just one amazing website that Plato Web Design has created since 2008.

This is just one amazing website that Plato Web Design has created since 2008.

From startup companies to small family-run businesses, Plato Web Design creates the best websites that fits each client’s needs. The team even provides clients with helpful articles about all things web design and marketing.

Plato truly makes an effort to help clients understand what external factors help or hinder their website.

“In the design realm, we spend a lot more time on design than other people do. The designs look a lot more polished and like your big Fortune 500 designs,” Ark said.

A Dedicated Team

Apart from web design, Plato works on SEO marketing tactics, viral ads, social media management, print design and other marketing tools for their clients. Essentially, there isn’t anything Plato Web Design can’t do for your business.

“We come up with a game plan with people and also work as a marketing team for them,” Ark said.

Plato Web Design's homepage

Plato Web Design’s homepage

This dedicated team has one mission: to make your business succeed as much as possible. If there is something you want to get done, the Plato Web Design team has your back.

To Web Design and Beyond

As Plato Web Design grows in experience, Ark is excited to help more and more small businesses grow and make an impact on the web, one web design at a time.

“Design wise, we stand out,” Ark said. “It’s better design and better results.”

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