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Lindsey Carman

Moments come and go in our lives, so capturing them is vital. One of the best ways to savoring a lasting memory is by creating a memorable invitation.

Polka Dot Design makes that happen for every moment and event. This company is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality and service.


From traditional styles to trendy designs, this site offers that perfect invitation for every occasion. When it comes to celebrating life’s moments, Polka Dot Design is the best site to capture moments.

A Great Group of People Who Love What They Do

Phillip Vanarsdel, the owner of Polka Dot Design

Phillip Vanarsdel, the owner of Polka Dot Design

Before the Internet erupted, Polka Dot Design was started in the home of Julia Brickman in 1999, a woman who wanted to create wedding and custom invitations to savor those moments. When Polka Dot Design was introduced to the web in the early 2000’s, the company extended its customer base and became one of the most loved companies.

In July 2014, Phillip Vanarsdel took over and expanded Polka Dot Design as a company. His creative ideas and IT background have boosted Polka Dot Design’s growth and popularity.

“It was just a no-brainer move (to become the owner),” said Phillip Vanarsdel, the owner of Polka Dot Design. “It was exciting and scary to start.”

Behind the creative process, Kristen Alexander, the operations manager at Polka Dot Design, creates awesome invitations that are perfect for any occasion. New designs are constantly uploaded onto the site so customers can have a plethora of designs to choose from.

It’s an invitation haven come true.

Old-School Style Meets Trendy Invitations

Unlike most invitation companies, Polka Dot Designs has unique features that put customers in control of their final product. The company offers packages that allow customers to create their own invitations. From stationery paper to additional accessories, Polka Dot Design gives you all the materials to make your own invitations.

“We have a traditional offering of do-it-yourself invitations,” Vanarsdel said. “There aren’t a lot of companies that offer old-school styles and designs.”

From birth announcements to wedding invitations, there is an invitation for every small or big event in your life. And at great prices, you can commemorate that special event in your life at a small cost.

Celebrating Memories Together


Apart from offering great designs, Polka Dot Design’s main goal is to serve its customers. Unlike other companies that put their customers on hold or communicate with a computer recording, Polka Dot Design listens to every customer’s concerns and needs.

“Our customer service really sets up apart,” Vanarsdel said. “That’s our niche and why we are successful.”

Polka Dot Design wants to celebrate all of life’s moments with you, so that’s why this company is dedicated to your satisfaction. From the moment you create your invitation to the moment you receive it, Polka Dot Design is there to make the experience unforgettable for you and everyone else around you.

To Life’s Moments and Beyond

At Polka Dot Design, every day is worth celebrating. From celebrating your graduation to holidays, Polka Dot Design helps you relish all the moments in your life at low prices.

Because moments are so important, this company makes sure your invitation is worth saving. Most customers save or even frame their invitations because that event and memory means so much to them and is captured in that invitation.

That’s what Vanarsdel and the Polka Dot Design team dreamed this company would do for customers: provide beautiful invitations for everyday moments worth savoring.

“There’s something to be said when someone wants to frame an invitation,” Vanarsdel said.

For more information on Polka Dot Design, please visit www.polkadotdesign.com.

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