Printfection: The #1 Weapon for Swag Marketing
Printfection is the total solution to swag marketing and management.

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Everyone loves marketing swag.Conference swag. Everyone loves it. Getting a bag stuffed full of crazy goodies while attending conferences is one of the main reasons for attending.

Sure the meetings are important, the networking valuable and keynote speakers entertaining, but what we really want is a new flashlight keychain and a week’s worth of free T-shirts.

On the company’s side, however, lies a different story. As it turns out, running a swag marketing campaign is one huge headache.

After taking everything into account: the designing, printing, tracking, organizing, preparation and distribution (just to name a few items), companies can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of time and resources it takes to run a successful campaign.

And that is why they are turning to Printfection.

A one-stop shop for swag marketing management

When they say “one-stop shop,” they mean it. To kick things off, Printfection provides the personalized help of a dedicated account manager who will assist in the creation and selection of the desired promotional pieces.

Then the Printfection team handles the acquisition and printing of those pieces, stores the inventory and distributes everything to anywhere, or anyone, for you.

Printfection: A one stop shop for swag marketing management.

PRO TIP: Printfection is the only swag marketing service that goes beyond the printing of merchandise to the storage and distribution of your materials.

Want to pass out T-shirts at your next industry conference? No problem. Prinfection will print and store those shirts and then deliver them, so they will be waiting for you when you set up your booth (they will even attach the size stickers for you.)

Want to send everyone who submits their email to your list-serve a welcome kit and branded coffee mug? No problem. Printfection will even create and maintain custom landing pages in addition to fulfilling and tracking the distribution.

Want to print something super crazy? No problem. “We’ve done all sorts of crazy stuff,” said Casey Schorr, co-founder of Printfection. “Basically anything you want to print your logo on, we can do it, prep it and ship it.”

Turning T-shirts into marketing weapons

Founded  in 2004 by then-college students Schorr and Kevin Materi, the Denver-based company has been taking the industry by storm for the last 10 years.

“We saw a big need in the printing industry,” Schorr said. “There needed to be a better outlet for marketers to use merchandise to help grow their brand.”

And create one they did. Today Printfection boasts an impressive stable of current clients, including tech giants, New Relic, ZenDesk and MaxCDN.

Printfection: The proof is in the printing.

“We take pride in the fact that some of the biggest and best technology and software companies around the world use us for all their merchandise campaigns,” Schorr said.

In fact, Printfection as a company grew their customer base by more than 150 percent last year, and it is easy to see why. In addition to their unique abilities to aid marketers and companies with their promotional campaigns, Printfection takes pride in being viciously customer service oriented.

“We will bend over backward for our customers,” Schorr said. “We understand that this industry is very relationship focused, and our team will do whatever it takes to exceed our customers’ expectations and to make their campaigns a success.”

Get your swag on

It’s no wonder why so many companies take advantage of swag marketing. With limitless opportunities to gain brand exposure targeted at a specific group in a specific industry, branded merchandise, apparel, office supplies and trinkets are one of the most effective methods of promotion available.

Get your swag on

Is your company looking to launch a swag campaign? Printfection is the best answer we’ve found.

“Printfection is the total solution,” Schorr said. “And we absolutely love helping our clients succeed.”

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