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" offers the largest amount of premade templates, but almost all other aspects of ordering business cards rated very low."

Ordering (2.3/5.0)

Advertiser Disclosure does not specialize in printing paper products, and it shows. Unlike most other sites, business cards are not featured on the home page, and were somewhat tricky to find in the navigation. Uploading files wasn’t easy, either, and the online card design tool was even worse, making one of the most difficult orders.

Templates (3.9/5.0) is great for pre-made templates with a huge selection to choose from, but is a terrible site for online design tool users and those who need blank guides.

Online Design Tool: The design tool is not easy to use at all. Files and images will be mis-sized, and aligning elements is difficult.

Selection: 18,292 Templates

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Custom Options (2.3/5.0)

When ordering business cards from Zazzle, the following custom options are available:


Glossy StockMatte Stock


Die CutsRounded CornersSpecial ShapesUV Coating

Delivery (4.5/5.0)

Our order took a total of six business days for production and shipping, which was slightly faster than the average delivery time of all sites we ordered business cards from. The delivery package included a padded postal envelope with the cards contained tightly in an additional plastic holder.
June 25th July 2nd 6 Business Days

Quality (2.9/5.0)

In terms of quality, the business cards from were among the worst. The overall look of the card seemed very faded and washed out, with the printed colors and other design elements lacking vibrancy and clarity. The card stock was also quite thin, and the cut around the border of the card was not precise, making for a very poor print.

Value (3.2/5.0)

We found the business cards from to be below average in terms of value. The actual quality of the cards was one of the worst we reviewed, combined with the per card cost being on the more expensive side, made for an overall subpar business card value.
200 cards* 1,000 cards* 5,000 cards*
$18.86 $94.30 $471.50
$0.09/card $0.09/card $0.09/card
*Prices subject to change. Please check site for current rates.

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