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"There is nothing very positive about ordering photos from Zazzle. Print quality, ordering ease, and value rated among the lowest of all the sites we reviewed."

Ordering (2.3/5.0)

Advertiser Disclosure was the least enjoyable ordering experience we had. The process of uploading files and viewing the photos was the most limiting and frustrating process out of all other sites. Prepare to spend a large amount of time uploading and arranging, especially for larger orders with multiple photos.

Templates (3.1/5.0) offers few photo items for customization, and with a confusing file uploading process and method of adding photos to items, it’s not the best site for photo projects.

Online Design Tool: Making different photo items is not as easy as it should be with’s frustrating uploading system.

Selection: 22 Photo Items

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Custom Options (4.0/5.0)

When ordering photos from Zazzle, the following custom options are available:


Glossy FinishWallet


BorderLustreMatte FinishMetallic

Delivery (3.6/5.0)

Our order took seven business days for production and shipping, which was an average delivery time compared to other sites we ordered photos from. The package included a large, sturdy postal envelope, with the photos very loosely stuffed in, but protected by large sheets of cardboard.
August 3rd August 13th 7 Business Days

Quality (2.3/5.0)

The photos from were, by far, the worst we reviewed in terms of quality. This was mainly due to the incredible inaccuracy of colors, shades, tints, and tones from the original files we sent. All photos and both different sizes looked extremely dark, making for a very, very unsatisfying order.

Value (3.7/5.0)

We were very unimpressed with the value of the photos. Not only was the quality easily among the worst, earning an appallingly low rating, but also demands the highest price per print for 4”x6” photos. Featuring the worst of both worlds, this order never stood a chance at being a good value.
25 Photos* 100 Photos* 1,000 Photos*
$15.75 $59.00 $560.00
$0.63/Photo $0.59/Photo $0.56/Photo
*Prices subject to change. Please check site for current rates.

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