Top 45: Best Font for Business Cards (By Industry)
We searched far and wide for the best fonts for business cards, and here they are!

Lindsey Carman

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When creating a business card, the goal is to leave a lasting impression on potential partners and clients. Selecting the right font is key to catching a person’s eye and ensuring he or she will remember your distinct brand in the future.

But how do you choose out of the hundreds of options? That’s what we’re here for!

Choosing the Best Font Based on Your Profession

Our printing gurus have selected the top 3 fonts for 15 various professions. Feel free to select an industry that closely represents your trade below.

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#1-3: Best Fonts for Landscaping

Whether you’re launching or re-branding your landscaping business, you should choose a font that’s casual but still looks like you’re more than qualified for the job. Our favorite fonts for landscaping business cards are Kennedy SM Caps Book, Baskerville Roman, and Georgia. For these types of fonts, we recommend using Vistaprint.

1. Kennedy SM Caps Book

A photo of Kennedy SM Caps Book font

2. Baskerville Roman

A photo of Baskerville Roman font

3. Georgia

A photo of Georgia font

#4-6: Best Fonts for Photography

As a photographer, you want to show off your creativity and innovative eye for the perfect picture, so choose a font that balances professionalism and exquisite design. Dido LT Pro, Odile, and Aptifer Slab Light are some of the best fonts for photographers, and Moo offers them all and more at great quality.

4. Dido LT Pro

A photo of Dido LT Pro font5. Odile

A photo of Odile font6. Aptifer Slab Light

A photo of Aptifer Slab Light

#7-9: Best Fonts for Makeup Artists

If you’re a makeup artist, have fun selecting a business card font! You should choose a professional yet expressive font that makes you stand out from other makeup artists. We recommend using MS PMincho, Actna JY Newstyle, or Humanist 521 when creating your business cards. If you love one of these fonts, you can try it out for yourself at Vistaprint.

7. MS PMincho

A photo of MS PMincho8. Actna JY Newstyle

A photo of Actna JY Newstyle9. Humanist 521

A photo of Humanist 521

#10-12: Best Fonts for Graphic Design

For graphic designers, your business card make or break landing a job with a new client. Why not show off your design skills and aesthetic vision on your business card? Century Gothic Pro, VAG Rounded, and Arnhem Pro are the best 3 fonts we recommend using. If you’re in love with any of these, test them out at Moo.

10. Century Gothic Pro

A photo of Century Gothic Pro

11. VAG Rounded

A photo of VAG rounded font

12. Arnhem Pro

A photo of Arnhem Pro font

#13-15: Best Fonts for Electricians

As an electrician, you want to stand out from your competitors, but how? By choosing a spectacular business card font, of course! Sans serif fonts are traditionally best (because they balance being professional and casual), so pick one that’s friendly to the eye yet formal. We recommend using Trebuchet MS, Verdana, and Tahoma at Vistaprint because these fonts fit perfectly with the printer’s business cards.

13. Trebuchet MS

A photo of Trebuchet MS

14. Verdana

A photo of Verdana font

15. Tahoma

A photo of Tahoma font

#16-18: Best Fonts for Interior Design

Every interior designer needs an exquisite business card. When you’re selecting a font, choose one that exudes great style and professionalism. Our favorite picks are Lado, Meta, and Bembo Book. You can find great designs that go with these 3 fonts at Moo!

16. Lado

A photo of Lado font

17. Meta

A photo of Meta font

18. Bembo Book

A photo of Bembo Book font

#19-21: Best Fonts for Marketing

For marketers, pick a serif or sans serif font for your business card. Marketers need a business card that represents their brand and leaves a lasting impression on clients, so choose one that’s engaging and professional. We recommend Avant Garde Gothic, Officina Serif ITC Pro, and Klint Medium. Moo offers these great fonts and tons of other options.

19. Avant Garde Gothic

A photo of Avant Garde Gothic font

20. Officina Serif ITC Pro

A photo of Officina Serif ITC Pro

21. Klint Medium

A photo of Klint Medium font

#22-24: Best Fonts for Engineering

If you’re an engineer, the font you select should be legible and straightforward but also interesting. Because engineering is a traditional profession, it’s best to stick with a formal font. We recommend using Elido, Frutiger, or Baskerville at Moo because these fonts look great on their business cards.

22. Elido

A photo of Elido font

23. Frutiger

A photo of Frutiger font

24. Baskerville

A photo of Baskerville font

#25-27: Best Fonts for Law Firms

Lawyers should consider going with a serif font when creating business cards. Traditional professions typically go with this type of font because it sets a formal tone and makes you appear extremely qualified. We advise using Odile Initials, Georgia, or DIN Next Rounded at Moo.

25. Odile Initials

A photo of Odile Initials font

26. Georgia

A photo of Georgia font

27. DIN Next Rounded

A photo of DIN Next Rounded

#28-30: Best Fonts for Musicians

Whether you give music lessons or play at live shows, creating a business card with the right font is key for leaving a great impression on your audience. Make sure your business cards are engaging and fun. For you, we suggest CabernetJF, Calligraphic 421, and STXinwei at Vistaprint.

28. CabernetJF

A photo of CabernetJF font

29. Calligraphic 421

A photo of Calligraphic 421 font

30. STXinwei

A photo of STXinwei

#31-33: Best Fonts for Event Planning

When creating business cards for your event planning company, select an elegant font. You really can’t go wrong with any sophisticated font when creating a business card for a creative career, but you should choose a font that’s still quite professional. Our favorite event planning fonts at Vistaprint are Bernhard Modern, Copperplate Gothic, and NSimSun.

31. Bernhard Modern

A photo of Bernhard Modern font

32. Copperplate Gothic

A photo of Copperplate Gothic font

33. NSimSun

A photo of NSimSun font

#34-36: Best Fonts for Management

Managers meet new customers all the time, so having a great business card is important. When picking a font, choose one that represents your company and personal brand. The font should be a balance between interesting and professional. Our top 3 fonts for you are Elido, Meta, and Aptifer Slab Light, and they work well with Moo’s designs!

34. Elido

A photo of Elido font

35. Meta

A photo of Meta font

36. Aptifer Slab Light

A photo of Aptifer Slab Light

#37-39: Best Fonts for Technology

In the tech world, having a professional business card is key. It’s the first (and sometimes last) impression people have of you. Choosing an eye-catching serif font is just one option you can go with. Our favorite serif fonts for tech geeks are Clarendon Extra Bold, Officina, and Garamond. They pair super well with Moo’s techy business cards, too!

37. Clarendon Extra Bold

A photo of Clarendon Extra Bold font

38. Officina

A photo of Officina font

39. Garamond

A photo of Garamond font

#40-42: Best Fonts for Travel Agencies

If you’re a travel agent, pick a stand-out font for your business cards. The font doesn’t need to be super fancy, but choose one that’s still professional, legible, and engaging. Our team suggests using Pill Web 300 MG, Adelle, and Goudy Old Style at Vistaprint.

40. Pill Web 300mg

A photo of Pill Web 300mg font

41. Adelle

A photo of Adelle font

42. Goudy Old Style

A photo of Goudy Old Style font

#43-45: Best Fonts for Yoga Instructors

Choose a relaxed font when creating business cards for your yoga business. Instead of using serif or sans serif fonts, choose from a variety of script fonts that exude peace and balance. However, make sure the script font you choose is legible for potential customers. Our top recommendations are Southland, Adage Script, and Boxer Script, and Vistaprint is the best online printer to use for printing with script fonts.

43. Southland

A photo of Southland font

44. Adage Script

A photo of Adage Script font

45. Boxer Script

A photo of Boxer Script font

Find A Font That Speaks to You

At the end of the day, choosing a business card font depends on personal taste. Remember that serif fonts are great for traditional professions, sans serif fonts work best for tech companies and startups, and script fonts are perfect for creative careers.

Once you’ve chosen your font and made your business cards, visit Vistaprint or Moo (our top choices for this particular printing project) to get them printed!

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