Trend List: A Blog on the Latest Graphic Design Trends
From a passion for graphic design to an international blog, Trend List makes its name known in the graphic design sphere.

Lindsey Carman

Graphic design is an uprising art that is gaining more popularity, but there are few sites to view these beautiful, trendy works of art.

As the Internet connects different cultures and countries together, more opportunities for seeing the latest graphic design trends throughout the world continues to grow.

An array of beautiful, up-and-coming graphic trends on updated on Trend List daily.

An array of beautiful, up-and-coming graphic design trends are updated daily on Trend List.

In the middle of it all, Trend List was created by two graphic designers who wanted to categorize graphic design trends on one site.

Two Passionate Graphic Designers, One Project

Launched in the spring of 2011, Trend List was started by two graphic designers, Michal Sloboda and Ondrej Zita, at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Republic.

Passionate about all things graphic design, they noticed there were specific trends that evolved over time and wanted to categorize them in a visually stimulating way.

“The Internet and its associated social networks and blogs are so widespread today that they’re able to create and dictate trends in various areas. Graphic design is no exception,” said Ondrej Zita, Trend List’s co-founder. “It’s similar, if not the same, as in music or fashion, where you also see certain trends and tendencies associated with a particular period in time.”

From a dreamed-up project to an international blog, Trend List features the best upcoming graphic trends for graphic design gurus and beginners to view.

Categorizing Trends is All in a Day’s Work

One of the coolest features Trend List offers is the detailed categorization of graphic design trends. Zita and Sloboda constantly find similarities in designs, name them and sort them into groups (like diamonds). The categories also show where the trends were created and became popular in which countries.

“Our aim is to categorize current trends and cliches in graphic design according to simple and apparent categories,” Zita said. “The similarities were numerous, and it was impossible to not notice them.”

These triangular designs are just some of the unique designs you'll see on Trend List.

These triangular shapes are just some of the unique designs you’ll see on Trend List.

Instead of just displaying beautiful graphic designs, the co-founders take it a step farther and help viewers understand more about how the trend was created and what future trends will look like.

Viewing Graphic Design In a New Light

When scrolling through the site, Trend List’s graphic designs don’t overwhelm the user unlike other sites. The minimalist design is user-friendly and helps graphic design beginners understand trends more and how they were grouped.

“Trend List doesn’t represent works as isolated ‘beauties’, as most other current blogs do,” Zita said. “If you then name things, pigeon-hole them, it makes it much easier to talk about them.”

Once you’ve visited Trend List, you won’t want to visit any other graphic design website for the latest trends.

More and More Trends to Come

As for the future, Trend List will continue to spread awareness of the latest graphic design trends and inspire artists to break the mold and create a truly unique work of art. Trends are constantly changing and pushing graphic designers to make something new, and Trend List contributes to that.

As for graphic designers, the sky’s the limit.

“Graphic design always has been, is and always will be trendy, one way or another,” Zita said.

Make sure you check out Trend List daily for new and inspiring graphic design trends.

Make sure you check out Trend List daily for new and inspiring graphic design trends.

 For more information, visit Trend List’s website at

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