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Finding a new job can be tough.

Competition for open positions is at an all-time high, and the necessity to stand out from the pack is more crucial than ever.

Sure getting a haircut can help make a good first impression, and a great recommendation from your previous employer goes a long way, but one aspect of a potential candidate rarely makes or breaks the hire more than the classic resume.

The only thing is resumes are boring. The dry text-based resume 99 percent of job seekers are applying with is stuck back in the 1980s and is a perfectly wasted opportunity for a candidate to not only make a great first impression, but to set themselves apart.

Enter, the incredibly innovative company that has reinvented the resume. is all about taking the plain, unexciting text of normal resumes and recreating it into a beautiful, colorful, attractive, infographic-style job-landing machine. Reinventing the Resume, Infographic Style

“We wanted to complement the traditional, boring text-based resume with something that was more visual and interesting and design focused,” said Founder, Eugene Woo.“At the end of the day, we were looking to create something that people could use to differentiate themselves from other people and to help them land any job that they are applying for. “

Visualizing Founder, Eugene Woo Founder, Eugene Woo

Woo first got the idea after seeing a few artistic and infographic-style resumes floating around the Web (including this design from now-Huffington Post writer Chris Spurlock).

“There were a couple of people that had created their own inforgraphic resumes, and  I was really impressed by them. I thought that it was an absolutely brilliant idea,” Woo said. “I know that the one part of the hiring process I dread the most is reading over stacks of boring resumes.”

That inspiration, matched with the recognition that infographic popularity was at an all-time high, led Woo and his team to develop a web-based tool that allowed users to simply sync-up their existing resume, and in turn would automatically generate a fantastic-looking design.

And it worked. After launch in 2011, quickly became the Web’s best option for creating infographic-style resumes. Almost instantly gaining traction with more than 16,000 sign-up requests from the first two weeks of launching beta, job seekers were quick to realize the power of having a superior-looking resume could have in aiding their job search.

How it all works

“The key was to make it as easy as a push of a button,” Woo said. “And that is exactly what we did. That’s all it takes – just one click.”

By signing up for a free account and allowing to connect with your existing LinkedIn profile, users are able to create a infographic resume with just one click.

Users are able to create a beautiful, inforgraphic style resume with just one click. will pull everything from the user’s LinkedIn profile – job history, education, skills, descriptions, awards, biography, contact information and more. All of this information instantly becomes “visualized” in’s default infographic format.

Right off the bat, the default look is already very impressive, but’s simplistic interface also is complete with a fantastic selection of custom options. Users are able to personalize everything with the large library of available themes (layout and style of the overall design), color schemes, fonts, background images and more.

Users are able to add, edit and remove text and information as they wish, as well as add or remove specific sections. They can even upload and place personal images and files.

The result after only a few minutes of experimenting is incredible. has a huge selection of custom options and features.

Users can instantly add, edit and remove information and sections.

“We probably have the most customizable interface,” Woo said. “You can do a lot with our tools that other programs just don’t have available.”

After users finalize their design, they are provided a dedicated link that can be added to any online portfolio, or the infographic itself can be embedded on a personal website or blog. Users also have the option to print the full design, which is great for mail job applications and to bring to interviews.

But what about creating regular infographics?

Interested in utilizing’s simplistic capabilities to create regular infographics beyond a resume? Turns out, you are not alone.

“People would come to us and say, ‘I made my resume and it looks great, but now I want to create something for the marketing side of my company,'” Woo said. “They would always ask when we were going to design a tool just for that.”

With locked in on creating high-quality resumes, Woo and his team created Venngage, a new tool for the purpose of easily designing regular infographics.

Venngage is one of the best tools available for easily creating high-quality infographics.

Mirroring the success saw, Venngage became the answer for people looking to transform text and data into infographic-type posters, reports and presentations.

“Venngage is really great for anyone needed to visualize an amount of data quickly and artistically,” Woo said. “And, just like, it is the most flexible infographic design tool out there.”

Our take?

Simply put, both and Venngage are some of the best options currently available for easily creating high-quality, beautiful-looking infographics and infographic resumes.’s streamlined mechanics allow users to generate a stand-out design in under a minute, and the process literally could not be easier. and Venngage also have more custom options than you could ever ask for and allow users to take full advantage when creating their designs.

If you are looking for a program to design your next infographic or to take your resume to the next level, and Venngage are your answers.

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